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Bank of Herrin - Marion Branch

In 2006 the Bank of Herrin, having recently completed the renovation of their Herrin Facility, were looking to expand their services in the Marion area.  They had worked with another architect on the Herrin facility without contacting Architechniques, Ltd. due to the misconception that we did not design banking facilities.  When the time came for selecting an architect for the Marion Banking Facility the Board of Directors and the Administration came to Architechniques, Ltd.  We provided them with a company brochure such as this one to show evidence of our experience, as well as the testimony of all of our clients as to our expertise, understanding, communication skills, and regard for the client’s wishes, concerns and budget. The results of our collaborative efforts with the Bank of Herrin is the facility located near Pepsi in Marion, Illinois.  It is a full service banking center located at the corner of West Main Street and Comfort Drive.  It consists of nearly 4,000 square feet, one story facility with a full basement.  The features of the building include a lobby, teller line with four tellers, as well as three drive through tellers.   There are three loan offices, one administrator office, and a conference room which will seat 18-20 people, cash and safe deposit vault, a records vault, new accounts teller, employee break room, employee training room, restroom facilities, and ancillary mechanical spaces.   

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